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Grafisk design, Logodesign Apr 19, 2018 I dag17t 19m
Bedriftsidentitet, Grafisk design, Illustrator, Logodesign, Photoshop Apr 19, 2018 I dag16t 13m
Illustrate Something ORIGINAL VECTOR ILLUSTRATION IN ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. Please create a drawing that is very similar in style to the one attached (see file A and file B). What we would like is for there to be 4 layers (from top to bottom): Top layer: netting - similar to the top layer in file A 2nd layer: bark and wood pieces - see attachment called file C to view what this bark layer looks like 3rd la... 10 Illustrasjon, Produktdesign Apr 19, 2018 I dag11t 43m $50
3D Design render of Exhibition stand I have details of an exhibition stand design and require the design to be modelled in 3D within 24hrs. The stand is to display various furniture. 18 Apr 19, 2018 I dag7t 13m $105
Design logo for new gaming themed bar - PubU A new logo is required for a restaurant / bar with gaming theme named PubU. The establishment will be themed and setup to promote social interactions with the patrons. For example, tables will be setup with the typical games found at U.S. based college parties like Beer Pong, Flip Cup, etc. The demographics of the patrons are: - 21 to 30 years old. - Typical College student or Recent gra... 455 Grafisk design, Illustrasjon, Illustrator, Logodesign, Photoshop Apr 19, 2018 I dag7t 8m $200
Grafisk design Apr 19, 2018 I dag6t 1m
I need 3 sketches as PNG I need hand-made or lookalike sketches with a white pen and transparent background. Format 780x550px The 3 sketches should visualize the following szenarios: 1) mid-aged people sitting in a room and working in a creative way on digital projects. Inspiration attached 2) more of a "classic" business meeting. Inspiration attached 3) Robotic hands using a computer. Inspiration... 56 Grafisk design, Illustrasjon, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketching Apr 19, 2018 I dag4t 46m $150
I need you to record this voiceover I need a high quality recording of someone reading this text with a happy tone. It needs to be under 30 seconds. " Do you have a great idea and need someone to help you get it done? Whatever you need done, whether its a website or app, writing or a new logo At we have the talent to turn your idea into reality. Just tell us what you need, then, sit back and let the freel... 0 Voice Artist, Stemmetalent Apr 20, 2018 I dag3d 23t $38
DESIGN CLEAN BUSINESS CARDS Use the attached files to make two business card designs. FRONT AND BACK design. Good luck! 2 Forretningskort, Grafisk design Apr 20, 2018 I dag6d 23t $15
Castle Dobbs Home Inspections I own a home inspection company. I need a logo designed. Two layers. Top layer will be the Dobbs clan coat of arms. second layer will be an engineer castle. The coat of arms should be all black or gray. The engineer castle can be all black, gold, or red. One color only. The only additional colors to the castle can be the outline of the castle and its' features (windows, doors). The castle can... 0 Grafisk design, Logodesign Apr 20, 2018 I dag29d 23t $200
Architecture Design of a Roof Mounted Tower Hello, We need to place a 50 Feet Guyed Triangular tower on a "Water Tank" Water Tank is made in Square i.e. 50 x 50 Feet. and 90 feet high. I have attached the pictures of the tower and the water tank. The guyed tower will be mounted on the roof of the Water tank, with some concrete work. 0 3D Design, Bygningarkitektur Apr 20, 2018 I dag2d 23t $99
Create Imagery for Website Hey There, I'm Director at Storm Surveying and my website needs work. I'm not overly happy with the logo but cant change it too much. I'd like images of well known Melbourne locations with Surveying data imposed onto photos. Utility mapping in Melbourne have a great website and thats the look Im going for. We Survey Utilities and create 3D rendered pipes etc but I cannot take a dec... 0 3D Design, 3D-modellering, 3D Rendering, Grafisk design, Nettsidedesign Apr 20, 2018 I dag4d 22t $115
Mejorar la experiencia del usuario como alumno. y mejorar el flujo de pagos a travez de Stripe Somos una plataforma de enseñanza online abocado a la odontología. Con 500 usuarios y 60 suscriptores premium los cuales acceden a las clases en cualquier momento. Usamos un theme de [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] para cargar la interfase de videos en wordpress que depende de amazon web services. Nos gustaría mejorar la experiencia del usuarios. Nos gustaría q... 0 Amazon Web Tjenester, Stripe, Nettsidedesign, WordPress Apr 20, 2018 I dag9d 22t $400
BIÜ Supply visuales BIÜ Supply, empresa de distribución y venta al detal de cosméticos y material para estéticas. La idea es general visuales con el eslogan de la marca para colocarlo en la pantalla de la tienda y redes sociales, incluyendo sitio WEB. 0 Bannerdesign, Grafisk design, Videotjenester, Nettsidedesign Apr 20, 2018 I dag2d 21t $32
Illustrations for children's book I need an illustrator to draw 12 colour illustrations for a print children's book according to a very specific style (samples attached). Most illustrations will be of plants Mixture of small and double page spread illustrations. Will negotiate with winner of contest to illustrate the book. Test drawing - Draw the scene below to a style similar to samples provided: Style is extremely i... 0 Book Artist, Karikatur og Tegneserier, Illustrasjon, Illustrator, Billedkunst Apr 20, 2018 I dag6d 21t $100
Illustrate Something We are creating an artistic Thanksgiving interpretive piece of a "happy" turkey with holiday appropriate food, fall foliage elements, vibrant fall colors including yellow, oranges and reds, with some contrast elements like blue sky. The piece needs to be easily interpreted from a distance. Objectives of the piece include eye-catching vibrant array of color, a light feeling, happy theme/t... 0 Illustrasjon, Illustrator Apr 19, 2018 I dag6d 19t $50
Design STB Theme Hello Looking for some designs for a stalker portal, default theme is attached plus couple of others original files can be found here to be edited and put back together [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] winner to deliver complete updated images like whats in template folder 0 Photoshop Apr 19, 2018 I dag6d 15t $140
Need e-card designed for an occasion This is going to be 1st birthday of my daughter. I want to invite friends and family for this by sending ecards I will share details like name, photo and other things later. Please come up with ideas with dummy names and details. I am sure you guys can come up with great ideas. Please remember, will send them via email. I think images can be placed in gmail as mail body right? or need... 0 3D Design, Markedsføring innen e-post, Grafisk design, Illustrator, Photoshop Apr 19, 2018 I dag9d 15t $9
Rótulo para pote de vidro para doce fit Nossa empresa se chama Di Mangiare [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] produzimos alimentos sem glúten e sem lactose. Esse projeto se trata de um doce Fit tipo brigadeiro sem adição de açúcar, com whey protein e colágeno produto votado para o público feminino fitness. Característica do produto: Sem glúten, sem lactose, sem a&cce... 0 Grafisk design Apr 19, 2018 I dag6d 13t $50
3 Landing Pages Built for 30 Facebook Ads Funnel Hello, I am launching a facebook ad marketing funnel, and I need 3 landing pages designed for the 3 different stages of the funnel. The first page needs to be about brand awareness. Drive people to read our blog posts. The second one needs to be for lead generation. Getting people to sign up to our email newsletter and subscribe to our blog. The third page needs to be a product sales conversi... 0 Markedsføring av Facebook, Grafisk design, Landingssider, Sosial nettverksbygging, Nettsidedesign Apr 19, 2018 I dag2d 13t $225
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