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Sunami Solar Brokers We are looking for a logo for a company called SUNami Solar Brokers. We would like the SUN capitalized in SUNami and we would like the 'Solar Brokers' part as a sub title. Be creative with how to combine the sun and wave (the wave being that of a Japanese Tsunami - tidal wave) for the icon. Thanks for your creativity! 142 Grafisk design, Logodesign Nov 17, 2017 I dag16t 21m $150
Design Some Simple Kickstarter Graphics I need a few different graphics designed for a Kickstarter I'm doing, so to win, you have to have the best design for this image and then you will still have 6 other very simple images that you will have to make to get the contest finished. Design the main picture should look like the attached picture (639ed....). I've attached two images, pick one or both to create the main image. Th... 138 Bannerdesign, Grafisk design, Logodesign, Photoshop, Nettsidedesign Nov 17, 2017 I dag3t 3m $55
Product Purchase Thank You Card Design My business 'Mr. Strappy' sells sunglasses straps. I am looking for someone to design a thank you card that I can send with every order. What I am looking for: - A design that is in line with my current brand and logo (attached pictures below) - The design will be printed on brown kraft paper FRONT OF CARD: 1st Line: Thank You (large writing) Hope to have the glasses in between... 0 Grafisk design, Illustrasjon Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 23t $37
San Pedro Square Apartments We are in apartment building in the technology capital of the world...Silicon Valley... in San Jose California. We do short term rentals to business professionals from all over the world who come to take part in new technology, science, art, food, cultures, etc. We want a logo with our name "San Pedro Square Apartments". The logo should be modern and clean. The logo should somehow show w... 0 Bedriftsidentitet, Grafisk design, Logodesign Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 23t $30
2 Drawings of a fight between a "regular guy" and three "800 pound gorillas" I need two drawings that describe a battle between "a regular guy" and "800 pound gorillas". There are three 800 pound gorillas each have a logo on them: one facebook, one google and one Amazon. In the first drawing, the gorillas are beating up the person In the second drawing, the same character is dressed up like a "guerrilla warrior", i.e. fatigues, headba... 0 Karikatur og Tegneserier, Illustrasjon Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 23t $156
I need some Graphic Design I need labels designed for 8 food items Measurements of label : Width 295mm, Height 70mm Items: Peanuts, cashew nuts, quinoa , linseed, Sunflower Seeds, Raw Almond nuts, Chia seeds, Teff grain. Files to be delivered in psd format 0 Grafisk design, Etikettdesign Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 22t $79
ebay - put my products to eBay (50 annoucements) I need to issue about 50 annoucements on eBay in short time. Simple ones 1. 3-5 photos 2. 1 movie 3. description 4. ideas how to promote it outside eBay with low cost Need freelancer who know how to do it perfectly (visual, simply, according to best eBay and marketing practice), who know how to do it with the lowest cost (but must work proper in Europe countries). We offer future simila... 0 Amazon Web Tjenester, eBay Nov 17, 2017 I dag2d 21t $40
Write an python/mobile application I need an app, builded in python + kivy/plyer. I need the python main file plus kivy .kv file plus [url fjernet, logg inn for å se] file The app, need to able to take a picture by user's command ( button) and send it with the phone's geolocation to a simple website, this website will be properly implemented in a second step ( in another job) . To be considered complete, the s... 0 Mobile App Development, Python Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 20t $80
Create a short explainer video for instagram See the 4 attached charts. I want this information extracted and turned into a short 15 to 30 second video for instagram. This will be a monthly project so if I am happy with the work, you will earn my ongoing business. 0 3D Design, After Effects, Photoshop, Videotjenester, Videografi Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 20t $23
Design Business Card, Letterhead, and Envelope. High tech dietary supplement company needing some design for business card, letterhead, and envelope. 1 Forretningskort, Grafisk design Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 19t $20
iPhone Case Coloring I need to create two coloring scheme for the attached iPhone cover. Please cosider the following things: - The scheme sholud contain a solid color and a texture ( leather, wood, ..etc ) you can bring something creative too. - One scheme will be for white iPhone and an other for black iPhone. - The case will be for all ages. - You need to provide a HD image for used texture. 0 Merkevarebygging, Konseptkunst, Bedriftsidentitet, Grafisk design, Nettsidedesign Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 18t $30
Foosye Dashboard v.1 Build a database dashboard rendered on a wordpress website ([url fjernet, logg inn for å se]). Looking for this dashboard to provide real-time updates on our database of clients currently using our app with the ability to filter, sort and display client's information as requested. This dashboard will have login/password requirement for restricted access and not displayed publicly. ... 0 HTML, MySQL, PHP, Nettsidedesign, WordPress Nov 17, 2017 I dag3d 3t $10
Digital Product Design 2D/3-D I need a design and mockup for a digital package. Here's what I need. 1. A design for a digital package, it includes a chart, digital planner, and video training. 2. Then I need those designs placed on a mockup Design Instructions with the wording: Abundant Life Package 1. Abundant Life Chart (11 areas we must plan for abundance) 2. Abundant Life Digital Planner (with an 8 step f... 0 Grafisk design, Photoshop, Produktdesign Nov 16, 2017 I dag3d 2t $35
Book Cover Needed (5.25" x 8") for Createspace I am self-publishing a book on flipping items (buying them low at garage or estate sales and selling higher online or locally to other buyers). I need a good book cover that shows goods being turned into money or maybe even money exchanging hands (USD). I've uploaded a few files with some ideas of how I'd like it to look. I'll need the title of the book on the front cover: &... 15 Adobe Illustrator, Grafisk design, Photoshop, Photoshop Design Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 20175d 2t $30
New Website Design & Launch for 2018 We are a company based in the UK, that hires out / sell / service industrial cleaning equipment to many different industry sectors all over the UK, and we are needing our website completely redesigning, to create a user friendly, and mobile friendly website using wordpress, or any other professional platform, that would be best suited for our kind of business. We would like it to be designed ve... 7 CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress Nov 8, 2017 Nov 8, 201710d 14t $132
Reuben Towns Plumbing (RTP) I am a new business providing plumbing services, I have specialised equipment for drainage. 11 Logodesign Nov 17, 2017 I dag13d 22t $188
Create a name for a tiny new company. Hello, This tiny one person company will be for flat hunting / appartment hunting in Europe. It's a relatively new but very competitive field. Intended audience will be people looking to rent / buy appartments in Europe. The name must not exist elsewhere at all; e.g. FlatHunters already exists in many EU countries. It must be short, to the point, and bright. A play on words could be goo... 5 Engelsk (UK), Engelsk (US) Nov 17, 2017 I dag4d 21t $21
Line Drawing - Urgently Required Ok so I need an illustration design that is basically in the same line design style as the file attached "IllustrationDesign" but using the brand new picture of the photo attached "tylerpic130" I will be choosing the first person who delivers the best result. Preferably make it work with a black background. This design is needed quite urgently so please work on it ASAP. 9 Adobe Illustrator, Grafisk design, Illustrasjon, Photoshop Design, T-skjorter Nov 17, 2017 I dag6d 21t $25
Illustrate Something Help us out by illustrating ginger (the root most notable), lemon and lime! The illustrations shall be made separate (they should individually be isolated), but in matching color schemes together. They shall have the same style as attached illustrations of elderflower and rhubarb. Important that the illustrations with its colors stand out! The winner will, after one feedback round, be awarded 6... 4 Illustrasjon Nov 17, 2017 I dag2d 21t $60
I need some Graphic Design Hi, I am looking for someone to put together a quick a vector style logo saved as a psd & jpeg file similar to the attached logo. The R needs to be part of the logo (see attached pics) Ideally, 3 styles to choose from. 1) Please use a similar style R as attached (pink version) with the company name underneath in the same colour using a Sans style font or similar - also pls send acro... 19 Grafisk design, Logodesign Nov 17, 2017 I dag2d 20t $22
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